[English] 장소 2

I’m at Olympic Park: 올림픽 공원에 있어요.
at과 in 차이: in은 외곽이나 앞이 아닌, 가운데에 있다. at은 안 어딘가에 있을 때.
I’m at school: 저 학교에 있어요. (위치가)
I’m in school: 학교에 다녀요. (학생이다). what do you do 의 답이 됨.
I’m in class: 수업 중이예요.

the와 a 차이: 여러 올림픽 공원이 있다면 the Olympic Park. 그러나 여러개 아니니까 the 안붙임. 그래서 이름이 있을 때는 거의 the가 없음.

I’m standing in front of DasomOLI building: 나 DasomOLI 빌딩 앞에 서있어.

in front of / in the front of의 차이:
in front of the bus: 버스 앞에서
in the front of the bus: 버스 안인데 앞.
He’s standing in the front of the line: 줄에 서있는데 앞쪽에 서있다. 줄은 안서 있는데 그냥 그 줄 앞이면 in front of.

I’m on the green line: 2호선 안이야.
I’m on bus number two: 2번 버스 안이야.
get on bus number 10 = get on the one ten bus

[English] 장소 1

Somewhere between Gangnam station and Samseong station 강남역과 삼성역 사이 어디쯤인데..
정확히 어딨는지는 잘 모를 때 somewhere을 쓴다.
I’m somewhere between Gangnam station and Samseong station.
Somewhere around Gangnam Station. around를 써서 강남역 근처야 로 말할 수도 있다.

I’m crossing the Yanghwa bridge. 양화대교 건너고 있어
I’m crossing the crosswalk / street 횡단보도
I’m crossing the bridge / overpass 다리 / 육교

I’m on my way home. 집에 가는 중이야. 매우 유용.
I’m on my way to work.
I’m going 보다 이런 표현이 더 native처럼 들림.
On my way.: 가는 중이야.
I’m on my way to see you.
I’m on my way to the party.

[English] 날짜 / 요일

I want to take the day off tomorrow! 내일 쉬고 싶다!
특별한 사정이 있거나 쉬고 싶을 때
I wanna take the afternoon off.
I wanna take a year off.
I wanna take a week off.
I need to take a week off.
I would like to take a semester off.

Hooray! It’s almost the weekend! 거의 주말이다!
It’s almost Friday.
It’s almost my birthday.
It’s almost over.

Two days until my birthday! 내 생일 이틀 남았네!
Fifteen days until my graduation.
An hour and twenty six minutes until the New Year!

[English] 시간

I cna’t believe : 어? 어떻게 이렇게 됐지?
I can’t beleive I’m a senior citizen now.
I can’t believe I’m already a senior citizen.
It’s already 10 year anniversery.

It’s already 5:30 p.m. 벌써 5시 반이야?

I’m a little ealry for my doctor’s appointment : 약간 일찍 왔네
You’re a little early 10분?
You’re really early 1시간 이상?
No no no, You’re fine. I arrived early. / I’m a little early.

I arrived just in time for the meeting.
just in time: 거의 늦을 뻔 했는데, 늦기 바로 직전에 온 것.
in time: 제 시간에. 그 시간까지. 좀 전에 와도 in time.
on time: 딱 그 시간.

I got on my flight just in time.
Is it already 4 o’clock? Time is flying today!
It’s a little bit early for me to go to bed.
He showed up just in time.
I’m so sleepy. It’s already 11 p.m.
It is a little early for me to make dinner.

[English] 날씨 관련 표현

It is just the right weather for ~하기 딱 좋은 날씨군!
It is just the right weather for hiking.
It is just the right temperature for는 약간 어색.

On sultry days like this, I wish I could stay home and do nothing
sultry는 덥고 습한. 그러나 섹시하다 야하다 같은 뜻도 있음. 따라서 sultry eyes, sultry women 같은 건 다른 뜻. sultry night 같은 말은 약간 섹시한 뉘앙스가 있음. 비슷한 단어로 muggy는 후덥지근한.

It’s a little chilly today, but not as bad as yesterday 오늘도 좀 쌀쌀한데, 어제보단 낫네.
chilly는 완전히 추운건 아니고 쌀쌀하다. chilly < nippy < cold. nippy는 좀더 춥고 건조한, 약간 꼬집는? 뉘앙스.

It’s boling today, but not as bsd as yesterday.
Yay, it’s the perfect weather for going outside.
The only thing that cheers me up on sultry days like this is beer.
It’s humid today, but not as bad as yesterday.
It’s not the right weather for me to sleep.
On sultry days like this, my back gets sweaty.