[English] All, most, some, any, and no/none

일반적인 개념의 애들(children) / 돈(money) / 책(books) 등에는 the를 쓰지 않는다. children/money/books, etc (in general). 그러나 지칭하는 대상이 있는 경우는 the를 쓴다. the children / the money / these books, etc

  • Children like to play. (= children in general)
    Where are the children? (= our children)
  • Money isn’t everything. (= money in general)
    I want to buy a car, but I haven’t got the money. (= the money for a car)
  • I enjoy reading books.
    Have you read these books?
  • Everybody needs friends.
    I often go out with my friends.

most / most of / some / some of, etc.

일반적인 개념의 것들에 most나 some을 쓸 때는 of를 쓰지 않는다. most/some, etc + noun

all / most / some / any / no + cities / children / books / money

  • Most children like to play. (= children in general)
  • I don’t want any money.
  • Some books are better than others.
  • He has no friends.
  • All cities have the same problems. (= cities in general)

다음 문장 안에서는 of 를 쓰지 않는다. Do not use of in these sentences

  • Most people drive too fast. (not most of people)
  • Some birds can’t fly. (not some of birds)

지칭하는 대상 중 얼마를 말할 때는 of를 쓴다. most of / some of, etc + the/this/my, etc.

all (of) + the / this/that / these/those / my/your, etc.
most / some / any / none + of + the / this/that / these/those / my/your, etc.

  • Most of the children in this school are under 11 years old.
  • I don’t want any of this money.
  • Some of these books are very old.
  • None of my friends can ski.

그러나 all the … / all my …, 등으로 of 없이 말할 수 있다. But we say all the … / all my …, etc. (with or without of).

  • All the students in our class passed the exam. (or All of the students …)
  • Silvia has lived in Miami all her life. (or … all of her life.)

all of it / most of them / none of us, etc.

all / most / some / any / none + of + it / them / us / you

  • We can have some of this cake but not all of it.
  • A: Do you know those people?
    B: Most of them, but not all of them.
  • Some of us are going out tonight. Why don’t you come with us?
  • I have a lot of history books, but I haven’t read any of them.
  • “How many of these books have you read?” “None of them.”