[English] in, at, and on (Places 1)


어떤 공간 안에
in a room
in a store
in a car
in the water

어떤 영역 위에
in a yard
in a town
in a park
in Brazil

  • “Where’s David?” “In the kitchen. / In the back yard. / In Tokyo.”
  • What’s in that box / in that bag / in that closet?
  • Angela works in a store / in a bank / in a factory.
  • I went for a swim in the river / in the pool / in the ocean.
  • Milan is in northern Italy.
  • I live in a city, but I’d like to live in the country.


at the bus stop
at the door
at the traffic light
at her desk. I’m at my desk.

  • There’s somebody at the bus stop / at the door.
  • The car is waiting at the traffic light.
  • Julia is working at her desk.

Also: at the top / at the bottom / at the end (of …)

  • Write your name at the top of the page.
  • My house is at the end of the block.


어디 위에
on a shelf
on a plate
on a balcony
on the floor, etc.

옆이나 위에 붙어 있을 때
on a wall
on the ceiling
on a door, etc.

  • There are some books on the shelf and some pictures on the wall.
  • There are a lot of apples on those trees.
  • Don’t sit on the grass. It’s wet.
  • There’s a stamp on the envelope.
  • Look! There’s a man on the roof. What’s he doing?

Also: on a horse / on a bicycle / on a motorcycle

  • Who’s that man on the motorcycle?