[English] Listen to …, look at …, etc. (Verb + Preposition)

ask somebody for

  • A man stopped me and asked me for money.

belong to

  • Does this book belong to you? (= Is this your book?)

happen to

  • I can’t find my pen. What happened to it?

listen to …

  • Listen to this music. It’s great!

look at

  • She’s looking at her watch.
  • Look at these flowers! They’re beautiful.
  • Why are you looking at me like that?

look for

  • He lost his key. He’s looking for it.
  • I’m looking for Sarah. Have you seen her?

speak/talk to somebody about

  • Did you talk to Paul about the problem?
  • (on the phone) Can I speak to Chris, please?

take care of

  • When Pat is at work, a friend of hers takes care of her children.
  • Don’t lose this book. Take care of it.

thank somebody for

  • Thank you very much for your help.

think about … or think of …

  • He never thinks about (or of) other people.
  • Mark is thinking of (or about) buying a new car.

wait for

  • Wait for me! I’m almost ready.

write and call

write (to) somebody

  • I never get letters. Nobody writes to me. (or Nobody writes me.)

call somebody (no preposition)

  • I have to call my parents. (not call to …)


depend on으로 말한다. We say depend on …:

  • A: Do you like to eat in restaurants?
    B: Sometimes. It depends on the restaurant. (not it depends of)

on을 쓰거나 안써서 it depends what/where/how로 말할 수 있다. it depends what/where/how, etc., with or without on.

  • A: Do you want to go out with us?
    B: It depends where you’re going. (or It depends on where you’re going.)