[English] From … to, until, since, and for

from … to …

  • We lived in Canada from 1982 to 1990.
  • I work from Monday to Friday.

from … until … 으로 말할 수도 있다. You can also say from … until …

  • We lived in Canada from 1982 until 1990.

until + the end of a period time

until + Friday / December / 3 o’clock / I come back

  • They’re going away tomorrow.
    They’ll be away until Friday.
  • I went to bed early, but I wasn’t tired. I read a book until 3 A.M.
  • Wait here until I come back.

till (= until) 로 말할 수도 있다. You can also say till (= until).

  • Wait here till I come back.

다음을 비교해보라.

  • How long will you be away?” “Until Monday.”
  • When are you coming back?” “On Monday.”

since + a time in the past (to now)

과거 완료present perfect (have been / have done, etc.) 다음에 since를 쓴다. We use since after the present perfect (have been / have done, etc.).
since + Monday / 1998 / 2:30 / I arrived

  • John is in the hospital. He has been there since Monday. (= from Monday to now)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Han have been married since 1988. (= from 1988 to now)
  • It’s been raining since I arrived.

다음을 비교해보라.

  • We lived in Canada from 1982 to 1990.
    We lived in Canada until 1990.
  • Now we live in Japan. We came to Japan in 1990.
    We’ve lived in Japan since 1990. (= from 1990 until now)

for (not since) + 기간 (three days / ten years / a long time, etc.)를 쓴다. We use for (not since) + a period of time (three days / ten years / a long time, etc.).

  • We’ve lived in Japan for a long time. (not since a long time)

for + a period of time

for + three days / ten years / ten minutes / a long time

  • Ed stayed with us for three days.
  • She’s been married for ten years.
  • I’m going away for a few weeks.
  • I’m going away for the weekend.