[English] in, at, and on (Places 2)


in bed
in prison / jail
in the hospital
in the sky
in the world
in a newspaper / in a book
in a photograph / in a picture
in a car / in a taxi
in the middle (of …)

  • “Where’s Kate?” “She’s in bed.”
  • Karen’s husband is in jail for driving without a license.
  • David’s father is sick. He’s in the hospital.
  • I like to look at the stars in the sky at night.
  • What’s the largest city in the world?
  • I read about the accident in the newspaper.
  • You look sad in this photograph.
  • Did you come here in your car?
  • There’s a big tree in the middle of the yard.


at work
at the station / at the airport
at the post office / at the supermarket
at Tracy’s (house) / at the doctor’s (office) / at the hairdresser’s, etc.
at a concert / at a party / at a football game, etc.

  • “Where’s Kate?” “She’s at work.”
  • Do you want me to meet you at the airport?
  • I saw your brother at the post office today.
  • ”Where were you Friday?” “At my sister’s
  • I saw Tom at the doctor’s
  • There weren’t many people at the party.

be/stay at home 또는 be/stay home으로 (at을 붙여서 또는 없이) 말할 수 있다. You can say be/stay at home or be/stay home (with or without at).

  • Is Tom at home? or Is Tom home?

호텔이나 식당은 in 또는 at을 종종 쓴다. You can often use in or at for hotels and restaurants.

  • We stayed at a nice hotel. or We stayed in a nice hotel.

in school 이나 at school 로 말할 수 있지만, 뜻은 다르다. You can say in school or at school, but there is a difference.

She’s at school = 그녀가 지금 거기 있다 she is there now.

  • “Where’s your sister? Is she home?” “No, she’s at school.”

She’s in school = 그녀는 (고등학교 / 대학교 / 의학원 등) 학생이다 she is a student (in high school / college / medical school, etc.)

  • “Does your sister have a job?” “No, she’s still in school.”


on a bus / on a train / on a plane / on a boat
on the first floor (or ground floor) / on the second floor, etc.
on a street
on the way (to …) / on the way home

  • Did you come here on the bus?
  • The office is on the first floor. (not in the first floor)
  • My brother lives on a nice street.
  • I met Lee on the way to work / on the way home.