[English] Afraid of, good at, etc. (Adjective + Preposition) At -ing, with -ing, etc (Preposition + -ing)

afraid of / good at, etc. (adjective + preposition)

afraid of …

  • Are you afraid of dogs?

angry/mad at somebody / angry/mad about something

  • Why are you mad at me? What did I do?
  • Are you angry about last night? (= something that happened last night)

different from … / different than …

  • Lynn is very different from her sister. or Lynn is very different than her sister.

full of …

  • The room was full of people.

good at … / bad at …

  • Are you good at math?
  • Tina is very bad at writing letters.

interested in …

  • I’m not interested in sports.

married to …

  • Sue is married to a dentist. (= her husband is a dentist)

nice/kind of somebody to … / nice/kind to somebody

  • It was kind of you to help us. Thank you very much.
  • David is very friendly. He’s always very nice to me.

sorry about something / sorry for somebody

  • I’m sorry about your accident. Was anyone hurt?
  • I feel sorry for them. They work hard, but they never have enough money.

tired of …

  • I’m tired of my job. I need a change.

Preposition + -ing

전치사preposition (at/with/for, etc.) 뒤에는 -ing 로 끝나는 동사. After a preposition (at/with/for, etc.), a verb ends in -ing.

I’m not very good at + telling + stories
Are you tried of + doing + the same thing every day?
Thank you for + helping + me.
Mark is thinking of + buying + a new car.
Tom left without + saying + goodbye. (= he didn’t say goodbye)
After + doing + the housework, they went out.