[English] 위치

I am right behind you! 나 바로 니 뒤에 있는데?

I was standing right behind him! : 나 그 사람 바로 뒤에 있었어!
behind: 뒤에, right behind: 바로 뒤에.
right in front of ~ : 바로 앞에

I’m walking along the street. : 길을 따라 걷고 있어. 대로 같은 느낌은 아님.

There’s a great Italian restaurant near here. : 요이 근처에 좋은 이탈리안 식당이 있어.
There are no ATMs near hear.
Is there an ATM around / near hear?
Is there a phamacy near hear?
I wonder if there a convenience store near here.