[English] Too

  • The shoes are too big for her.
  • There is too much sugar in it.

too + 형용사/부사. too + adjective/adverb (too big / too hard, etc)

  • Can you turn the radio down?
    It’s too loud. (= louder than I want)
  • I can’t work. I’m too tired.
  • I think you work too hard.

too much / too many는 원하는 것보다 많이, 좋은 것보다 많이. too much / too many = more than you want, more than is good.

  • Emily studies all the time. I think she studies too much.
  • I don’t like the weather here. There is too much rain. (more rain than is good)
  • Let’s go to another restaurant. There are too many people here.
  • Traffic is a problem here. There are too many cars.

toonot enough의 비교

  • The hat is too big for him.
    The hat isn’t big enough for him. (it’s too small)
  • The radio is too loud. Can you turn it down, please?
    The radio isn’t loud enough. Can you turn it up, please?
  • There’s too much sugar in my coffee. (= more than I want)
    There’s not enough sugar in my coffee. (= I want more sugar)
  • I don’t feel well. I ate too much.
    You’re very thin. You don’t eat enough.

too … for somebody/something

  • There shoes are too big for me.
  • It’s small house – too small for a large family.

too … to do something

  • I’m too tired to go out. (not for go out)
  • It’s too cold to sit outside.

too … for somebody/something to do something

  • She speaks too fast for me to understand.