[English] Put on your shoes and put your shoes on (Two-Word Verbs 2)

two-word 동사(put on / take off, etc.)는 가끔 목적어object를 가진다. Sometimes a two-verb (put on / take off, etc.) has an object.

put on your coat
이렇게 쓸 수 있다:
put on your coat
put your coat on

take off your shoes
이렇게 쓸 수 있다:
take off your shoes
take your shoes off

그러나 it/them (대명사pronouns)는 언제나 on/off, etc. 앞에 온다. But it/them (pronouns) always go before on/off, etc:
put it on (not put on it)
take them off (not take off them)

  • It was cold, so I put on my coat. or … I put my coat on.
  • Here’s your coat. Put it on.
  • I’m going to take off my shoes. or … take my shoes off.
  • Your shoes are dirty. Take them off.

더 많은 two-word 동사verbs + 목적어object. More two-word verbs + objects

turn on / turn off (lights, machines, faucets, etc.)

  • It was dark, so I turned on the light. or … I turned the light on.
  • I don’t want to watch this program. You can turn it off.

pick up / put down

  • Those are my keys on the floor. Can you pick them up for me?
  • I stopped reading and put my book down. orput down my book.

bring back / take back / give back / put back

  • You can take my umbrella but please bring it back.
  • I took my new sweater back to the store. It was too small.
  • I have Diane’s keys. I have to give them back to her.
  • I read the letter and then put it back in the envelope.