[English] Countable, uncountable nouns

countable nouns: (a) car, (a) man, (a) key, (a) house, (a) flower, (an) idea, (an) accident, (a) chair
– countable nouns는 singular ( = one) 혹은 plural ( = two or more)로 사용된다.

uncountable nouns:
* a glass of water
* some fresh air
* a bowl of rice
* some food
* some salt
* some plastic
* some money
* some music
* a game of tennis,
* a bar of soap
* a tube of toothpaste
* a piece of candy
* a carton of milk
* a can of fruit
* a cup of coffee, some coffee,
* a cup of tea
* a cup of juice
* a jar of honey
* a piece of wood

아래는 일반적으로 uncountable nouns로 쓰인다. ( = countable로 쓰일 때도 있다)
* a piece of paper: I need some paper / a piece of paper. I want to make a list.
* some advice: Can I talk to you? I need some advice. (not advices)
* some information: I need some information about hotels in Mexico City. (not informations)
* some weather: We are having nice weather this year.
* some news: Listen! I just got some good news. (not a good news)
* a loaf of bread: I’m going to buy some bread. (not a bread)
* long hair: She has very long hair. (not hairs)
* some furniture: They’ve got some very nice furniture in their house. (not furnitures)
* hard work: “Do you like your job?” “Yes, but it’s hard work.” (not a hard work)

  • uncountable nouns는 some, much 와 같은 것들과 쓴다.
    – I’ve got some money.
    – Money isn’t everything.
    – There isn’t much money in the box.

[English] 날씨 관련 표현

It is just the right weather for ~하기 딱 좋은 날씨군!
It is just the right weather for hiking.
It is just the right temperature for는 약간 어색.

On sultry days like this, I wish I could stay home and do nothing
sultry는 덥고 습한. 그러나 섹시하다 야하다 같은 뜻도 있음. 따라서 sultry eyes, sultry women 같은 건 다른 뜻. sultry night 같은 말은 약간 섹시한 뉘앙스가 있음. 비슷한 단어로 muggy는 후덥지근한.

It’s a little chilly today, but not as bad as yesterday 오늘도 좀 쌀쌀한데, 어제보단 낫네.
chilly는 완전히 추운건 아니고 쌀쌀하다. chilly < nippy < cold. nippy는 좀더 춥고 건조한, 약간 꼬집는? 뉘앙스.

It’s boling today, but not as bsd as yesterday.
Yay, it’s the perfect weather for going outside.
The only thing that cheers me up on sultry days like this is beer.
It’s humid today, but not as bad as yesterday.
It’s not the right weather for me to sleep.
On sultry days like this, my back gets sweaty.