[hardhat/ethers.js] HW Ledger 체크

ethers.js v5 기준 hardhat 태스크

import { LedgerSigner } from "@anders-t/ethers-ledger";
import { task } from "hardhat/config";

task("checkHW", "Check HW Wallet")
  .addOptionalPositionalParam("accountNumber", "Index of the address of the HW wallet")
  .setAction(async (taskArgs) => {
  const accountNumber = taskArgs.accountNumber;
    const _master = new LedgerSigner(ethers.provider, `m/44'/60'/${accountNumber}'/0/0`);
  _master.getFeeData = async () => {
    return {
      gasPrice: ethers.BigNumber.from(0),
      lastBaseFeePerGas: ethers.BigNumber.from(0),
      maxFeePerGas: ethers.utils.parseUnits("800", "gwei"),
      maxPriorityFeePerGas: ethers.utils.parseUnits("800", "gwei"),
  const master = _master;

  console.log(`HW Ledger: [${accountNumber}]:${await master.getAddress()}: ${ethers.utils.formatEther(await master.getBalance())} ETH`);

사용은 hh checkHW 0 와 같이 한다.

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